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Fishing trip - Suldalslågen - week 39 - Upper Hiim/Skoti

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22/9-29/9 - 8 rods in total.

Unique opportunity to fish the famous Skoti pool on Øvre Hiim in Suldal!

On the drive to Suldal you come through some of the most fantastic nature Norway has to offer and the surroundings you fish in are simply in a class of their own. An experience out of the ordinary awaits the participants on this trip.

The fishing water:

We live and fish on Øvre Hiim/Skoti and Sørestad.

Øvre Hiim is 4 kilometers from the mouth of the river and is about 1 kilometer long. The section consists of Skjepavikå, Grovahølen, Vikane and the famous Skoti høl, "the safety pool" as the English called it..... The fishing on Øvre Hiim is rough, with fast flowing water and several natural stopping places and holding pools for the large salmon. Upper Hiim is famous for really big salmon being caught every season.

Sørestad is the second beat from the top at river Suldal and is just under 2km long. Fantastic and very varied fly fishing water. Sørestad has several gapahugs with everything you need, coffee, trangia, nets, etc. Here the river runs more calmly and fine grass edges reach right to the water in several places. The fishery is easily accessible and you can drive along the river from top to bottom of the beat.

The beat is fished from the left bank(casting over right shoulder) and exclusively with fly throughout the season and a maximum of 4 fishermen at a time. A gem that absolutely must be experienced.


The Atlantic house on Øvre Hiim is newly renovated and is located 200 meters above Skoti hølen, with a view over the river and consists of 5 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, two bathrooms and basement with heating room.

The river and the salmon


Suldalslågen is western Norway's largest salmon river and runs from Suldalsvatnet to the mouth at Sand in Sandsfjorden. "Lågen" is 23 kilometers long and carries salmon throughout the entire stretch. It is a big salmon river and the average weight in 2022 was over 6 kilos. Suldal is known for a very late run of fresh fish and the silvery salmon swim from the sea up the river right up to December.

All salmon fly fishermen are welcome - regardless of whether you are a beginner or have experience in salmon fishing. If you need instruction, that will also be possible. There will be an introductory guide to the fishing grounds on the first day.


What is included in the tour?

  • 7 days of fishing in Suldalslågen on Øvre Hiim and Sørestad
  • 7 nights in a house by the river - there is accommodation in single and double rooms.
  • Introductory guide to the fishing waters.
  • Instruction in fly casting and practical fishing on request.

What is not included in the tour?

The fishing trips we offer cover access to the fishing itself as well as accommodation, therefore there are conditions that you have to take care of yourself. It is important that you relate to this. We are happy to organize an information meeting, for example via teams, as it can be difficult to gather everyone on a team depending on where they live.

  • Transport from Denmark to Norway ( The trip is a self-drive trip, which is why it is necessary to have a car or a seat in another car available).
  • Transport to and from the river in Norway.
  • Meals and drinks ( There is of course a kitchen in the house, where the food can be prepared and consumed).
  • Fishing equipment (clothing (waders etc.), fishing rods, fishing reels, flies and various additional accessories and equipment)
  • Travel insurance

Rules that must always be observed

Note: The rules for fishing in Suldalslågen mean that there are quotas on how many salmon each individual fisherman can bring home. The rules for the river are updated every season and it is the duty of every fisherman to thoroughly familiarize himself with the rules. Link: Good and varied opportunities | Norwegian salmon rivers

‍ Disinfection: Fishing tackle must be disinfected before fishing begins. Disinfection can be carried out in several places in the immediate area and costs a fee that is paid on the spot. Link: Disinfection Stations | Norwegian salmon rivers

Salmon licence: Everyone who fishes salmon in Norway must be in possession of a state licence, which can be purchased via the following link: https://fiskeravgot.miljodirektoratet.no/

Technical Travel Organizer is Unitas Rejser no. 128 in the Rejsegarantifonden.

We reserve the right for printing errors.

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