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LTS Complete Graphene - Two-handed fly rod - 4-piece

LTS Complete Graphene - Two-handed fly rod - 4-piece

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LTS Complete Graphene combines some very important properties that together make this rod series a complete rod series - it really has something more and something different to offer.

The LTS Complete Graphene two-handed rod series are trout and salmon rods intended for fishing in streams and rivers, where they will both give you new fishing and casting opportunities in your fishing as well as greater physical profit after many hours on the water.

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General description

What requirements would it be reasonable to place on a fly rod today?
There are so many different rods on the market, but when does a rod offer the qualities we need when we are out by the water? What should a good fly rod be able to do?

Centrally, a fly rod must be able to be used precisely for the fishing we intend, and it must give us more than just casting properties – it must be able to function as a fishing tool and give us advantages that can give our fishing something extra.
If we look at an average fishing day, a fly rod must be able to help us cast in different wind conditions, tight spaces, short casts, long casts, angled casts, precise casts, air changes, line control on the water, backbone to fight the fish safely and effectively – just to mention the most frequent ones.

This means that the rod must possess a wide range of properties, which together determine whether a rod feels right out there.


The rod series is generally characterized by a deep short stroke action – this means that the rods bend deep into the blade during the fly cast, but that the tip is very firm and straightens up quickly.

In this way, the rod gives you both time and speed, which means that you have time to control your anchor point in underhand and spey casts as well as during demanding special casts, just as you get added line speed, which especially in the forward cast gives you controlled distance.

Quite specifically, these properties have been achieved through the special use of carbon types and Graphene resin. This results in a very light rod with superior power reserves.


- Made in 46 tons of carbon + IM8 carbon with grpehe resin.

- The surface of the bars is made with a super thin layer of varnish to maintain mobility and reduce weight.

- Stripper guide. REC cerecoil double foot snake guides

- Very light wheel holder

- Supplied with cordura tube and pole bag

Lines & casting weight

Our recommended casting weight is based on the SCSS lines from LTS, which are tailored for these rods. This is our general recommendation, which we know works fantastically well with every single rod. The rods are incredibly versatile and can easily be used with other casting weights/line types, depending on your preference.

However, there are situations where you may need shorter firing heads than SCSS. This especially applies to the Danish salmon and sea trout fishing in the streams, where the stream is relatively narrow or there is very little space to cast.
We have tested many different brands and types. In particular, the LTS SCSS "one handed" shooting heads, Zpey zkagit lite, Nextcast zone and Rio gamechanger have worked absolutely brilliantly with the LTS rods.

12' #7/8:
LTS SCSS 25-28 grams - 7.8 meters to 8 meters.
LTS SCSS "one handed" shooting head - 17 grams - 4 meters.
Skagit (Rio, Zpey, Nextcast) 17-20 grams and 4.7 to 6 meters.

13' #8/9
LTS SCSS 28-32 grams - 8 meters to 8.3 meters.
Skagit (Rio, Zpey, Nextcast) 20-23 grams and 4.7 to 6 meters.

14' #9/10
LTS SCSS two-handed shooting head 36 grams and 8.5 meters.

15' #10/11
LTS SCSS two-handed shooting head 40 grams and 8.8 meters.

16' #11/12
LTS SCSS two-handed shooting head 43 grams and 9.3 meters.

Warranty & Buy and Try

2 year full warranty on the Complete Graphene rods!
If we don't have spare parts in stock, they simply have to be ordered home from Norway and thus you are quickly ready again if the accident happens.

With buy and try, we want to show that we trust our gear 100% and at the same time have a strong focus on customer satisfaction.
When you have bought an LTS fly rod from us, you can test it on your home water. If you are not satisfied, you can refund the rod within 7 days, provided the tackle is not damaged or scratched.

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