Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing

We are passionate fly fishers - especially salmon fishers.

For us, fly fishing is not only about the catch, but to a large extent also about all the other aspects of fly fishing or the lifestyle if you like.

The company was founded with the primary purpose of offering some of the best fly fishing equipment on the market as well as fishing trips to destinations of the absolute highest possible quality.

We have many years of experience both from the travel and gear industry and are therefore well equipped to provide good and competent service
guidance for our customers.

Why have we chosen to start exclusively with LTS?

We have deliberately chosen to start by basically only offering products from LTS, because we believe that LTS produces gear in one
quality and at a price we can vouch for 100%.

LTS was established back in 2004 and has developed many products over the years. There has always been a focus on quality and innovation, which over the years has ensured better and better products as details have been refined.

On a demo day with Trond Syrstad, we tried the entire range and we quickly realized that the LTS gear was adapted and optimized to a degree we had not previously experienced with other brands.

It was clear that both seasoned as well as more inexperienced fly casters benefited greatly from the interplay between rods and lines in particular.

Rods, lines and reels are of course an important part of the product range, but the LTS accessories are also worth it to that extent
to explore because most of what a fly fisherman needs is on offer, from line cutters, hook releasers and measuring tapes to waterproof bags and clothing.

What is the strategy behind the sale of LTS in Denmark?

We have chosen a somewhat unconventional strategy in relation to the sale of LTS in Denmark.

In future, the LTS products will only be sold from our own webshop and since we buy directly from the manufacturer, we can keep the prices at a level that is unprecedented for gear of such high quality.

We have a goal of providing service in a special class and we hope that this contributes to our customers getting great
joy and benefit from the gear and the trips we offer.

Break & break

ASFF – Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing

A little about us

  • Lars P. Sørensen

    My name is Lars P. Sørensen and I am a tour leader on many of the ASFF tours. My first trip to Norway was back in 2010 and I have fished for salmon in Norway every season ever since. I have been fly fishing since I was a child, but until 2010 it was primarily as a dry fly fisherman.

    Today, it is the salmon fishery that attracts the most, with Skjern å and Orkla as the absolute favourites.

    I am responsible for the day-to-day operations at ASFF and have previously worked for several years in the tackle industry, which provides a good basis for advice on rods, reels, lines etc.

    It is extremely important to me that our participants are dressed as well as possible in terms of equipment, so that everything is adapted to the expected conditions. It's not about having the newest and most expensive cases, but the right equipment for the conditions.

    If you are new to fly fishing for salmon, I provide the best possible starting point, both when it comes to equipment, casting training and basic fishing technique.

    Hope to see you by the river, the stream or the coast, break and break.


    Mobile: +45 26275321

  • Torben Høiberg

    My name is Torben Høiberg, I am 56 years old (1965) and live with my lovely wife Anne Mette Høgh Høiberg in Hornslet, where we have lived since 1995. Together we have two grown children Mads and Niels.

    Like many other anglers, I started fishing when I was young. We had a summer house near the Gudenå, where I often fished for pike and perch. The fishing slowed down for a long period, when I, among other things, started own business (1990). In 2004 a big change happened, as one of my best friends asked if I would like to take a trip to Norway to fish for salmon. I had never tried to go fishing for a week - and then alone with the best friend - what could go wrong? I went along for the trip, which turned my desire to fish upside down. Back then it was fishing with worms, and I have a lot of patience. As it turned out, it took a few years before I got lucky! In fact, I went on no less than 8 weeks of fishing trips in Norway before I was finally lucky enough to catch my first and still biggest salmon of 10 kg in 2009. I had switched from worm to flash, and I clearly remember how much of a release it was to finally catch a salmon after 8 weeks of trying – spread over the years from 2004 – 2009.

    I readily admit that I am completely crazy about salmon fishing. I have been in Norway since 2004 min. once - over the last few years I value going away for 2-3 weeks every year and bother more if it can work out in a higher unity with the family. In addition to salmon fishing, I have fished for king salmon and steelheads in British Columbia and sea trout in Sweden. I continue to go to Norway every year. Naturally, I also fish in Denmark for pike, salmon and sea trout.

    Personally, I naturally feel like many others - the moment the salmon strikes, time stands still - I have become better at enjoying the fight and am very keen to get as many fights on film as possible, as it gives me the opportunity to relive the moments that I value very much.

    Besides fishing, a fishing trip can do something quite special. Being out with others with the same passion is fantastic, and if you are out with friends, you get some very special moments at the ramparts in the beautiful nature. Coziness, good food and countless stories are also part of a successful week for me. We all know that there are no guarantees for salmon – it requires you to be patient and spend as long as possible with something in the water.

    The primary reason why I have become involved in ASFF is – apart from fishing myself, of course – that it is a great joy for me to see when other anglers achieve their dreams, when they catch salmon and enjoy themselves in good company.


    Mobile: +45 2919 2951

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The collaboration with LTS

We have all too often had participants on our trips where the tackle was not properly adjusted and thus made fishing difficult. We naturally want to avoid that and after a demo day with LTS and Trond Syrstad we had no doubt that we had found the solution. Norske LTS produces gear, where rods and lines in particular, are 100 percent adapted to each other and which can be used by everyone regardless of level. At the same time, the prices are far below what you see from other top brands, which made the decision to become a distributor of LTS in Denmark incredibly easy.

"We at LTS will collaborate with the world's leading development environments in fly fishing and we will challenge the technology to the limit so that you get better equipment adapted to your fishing trips. We will simplify your fishing as efficiently as possible and make equipment as we think equipment should be ."

Trond came first and Knut a little later. Growing up just a stone's throw from Orkla's shores does something to the minds of curious children. Either you experience traumatic near misses and develop a lifelong fear of water, or you become a compulsive neurotic salmon fisherman. Fortunately, the twins ended up in the last category. In those days, by the way, you didn't just fish for salmon. Summer and winter they pounced on anything that looked like it could swim. They fished, therefore they were. Philosophical and beautiful. The boys got their first two-handed fly rods when they were ten years old. Construction kit from Hardy (or fibatube) with associated DT line of almost 30 meters and it was the beginning of a historic phase in Norwegian fly casting.

It didn't take long before they mastered this equipment far better than most of their adult fellow fishermen. They learned to speycast at the age of twelve, and at that time almost no one cast that way. That certain adult salmon anglers approached twelve-year-olds to learn new ways of fly casting was both interesting and special, but that's how it was. And it wasn't long before the two brothers set out to make better rods than what was already on the market at the time.

LTS today

LTS or Loop team Syrstad as it was originally called went through a divorce in 2012 and LTS Flyfishing as we know it today was formed. Businessman Leiv Rædergård teamed up with twins Trond and Knut and bought the rights to LTS from Loop in Sweden. Knut unfortunately lost the battle against cancer, so it is now Leiv and Trond who manage the company together with John Olav Rædergård and Jon Erik Grøset from the head office at Løkken Verk. "We in the new LTS will collaborate with the world's leading development environments in fly fishing and we will challenge the technology to the limit, so that you get better equipment adapted to your fishing trips. We simply want to make your fishing as efficient as possible and make equipment the way we think equipment should be.”