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LTS Orkla wading jacket - Fishing jacket

LTS Orkla wading jacket - Fishing jacket

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The Orkla wading jacket has all the details you need on your fishing trip.
The jacket is light, flexible and made with Dermizax membrane with elastic outer fabric for good movement. The jacket breathes well, while keeping you dry in the vast majority of fishing situations. We have tested the jacket under the worst possible conditions and are deeply impressed. The Orkla wading jacket keeps you dry, even when the sky really opens up!

The jacket is available in two colours, green and grey.

Generel information

The outside of the fabric has been given a water-repellent treatment, so that water bounces off and does not settle in the outer fabric. However, after prolonged use and several cycles in the washing machine, the water-repellent ability can weaken. If the outer material absorbs water and becomes wet, the jacket may seem cold and condensation may occur more easily. So it pays to re-impregnate the outer fabric with impregnation intended for breathable synthetic material, so that the water bounces off the surface of the garment faster and maintains its good breathability.

Dermizax® is a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane specially developed to protect against all kinds of weather and ensure the highest possible comfort. Lining with Dermizax® membrane can withstand a water column pressure of at least 20,000 mm and has extremely good moisture transport properties.

Unlike all other materials, the Dermizax® material maintains its good properties even in dirty conditions and in contact with salt water. The reason is that Dermizax® does not have pores that can be sealed. The membrane thus retains the same high quality, even after countless washes with ordinary washing powder.

Washing & maintenance

We recommend the use of impregnation spray on garments with a membrane rather than impregnation, which is machine washed with the garment. Impregnation through washing seals the fabric from both sides and the membrane may lose some of its functionality.

Close all zippers and turn the clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine. We recommend that you use an extra rinse when washing shell products to ensure that all soap residue is removed. Do not use fabric softener! The clothes must not be tumbled or spun, but only drip dried.

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