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Fishing trip - Orkla - week 34 - Øverøyen, Vella Snoen & Unnteigen

Fishing trip - Orkla - week 34 - Øverøyen, Vella Snoen & Unnteigen

Fishing starts on 17 August at 12 noon and ends on 24 August at 12 noon. Max 8 rods.

The river and the salmon

For many seasons, Orkla has been among the best salmon rivers in Norway. We recommend two-handed fly rods 12 – 15 feet with a good selection of lines in different densities. Here at the end of the season, there may also be an opportunity for "dry" fishing with "riffling hitch" or bombers. This is absolutely some of the most entertaining and exciting fishing ever.

Technical Travel Organizer is Unitas Rejser no. 128 in the Rejsegarantifonden.

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practical information

All salmon fly fishermen are welcome - regardless of whether you are a beginner or have experience in salmon fishing. If you need instruction, that will also be possible. There will be an introductory guide to the fishing grounds on the first day. During the week, there will also be advice on fishing strategy and tactics depending on the conditions on the river. Focus on the fishing grounds - you learn how to read the fishing water.

The fishing trips we offer cover access to the fishing itself as well as accommodation, therefore there are conditions that you have to take care of yourself. It is important that you relate to this. We are happy to arrange an information meeting, for example. via teams, as it can be difficult to gather everyone on a team depending on where they live.

What is not included in the price:

Transport from Denmark to Norway: The trip is a self-drive trip, which is why it is necessary to have a car or a seat in another car available).
Transport to and from the river in Norway.
Meals and drinks: There is of course a fully equipped kitchen in the houses we use, where the food can be prepared and consumed).
Fishing equipment (clothing (waders etc.), fishing rods, fishing reels, flies and various additional accessories and equipment)
Travel insurance.


When you fish for salmon in Norway, you must redeem a state token. This can be done here:

When fishing in Orkla, you must register as a fisherman on Elveguiden by buying the Orkla card. The card itself is free, but together with the card you have to pay for disinfection. The price is NOK 180. and can be purchased here:

The rules for fishing in Orkla mean that there are quotas on how many salmon each individual fisherman can bring home. This means that "catch and realease" is an important part of fishing. The rules for the river are updated every season and it is the duty of every fisherman to thoroughly familiarize himself with the rules.
Link to the rules in Orkla for 2024:

If you take a fish home, there is a requirement to submit scale samples. Information about this can be found here:

Fish that cannot be re-released and must not be taken home due to protection or already used up quota MUST be handed in to the health center. Further information can be found here:

We recommend that you have arranged the payment of the fishing fee, registration and purchase of disinfection before departure.

The fishing water

We fish on Øverøyen, Vella Snoen and Unnteigen.
Øverøyen is located in the middle part of Orkla by the town of Å. The embankment is one-sided and consists of 3 zones – Resosen, Mellemhølen and Saghølen. All 3 pools offer nice pitches and fish well with both fly and spin from our side of the river.
Vella Snoen & Unnteigen lie in the same part of the river and are also one-sided, but hold several good places on "our" side of the river.
All 3 dams are fished from the left side of the river, so you cast over the right shoulder.

Packing list

Included in the price

7 days fishing in Orkla on Øverøyen, Vella Snoen & Unnteigen.
7 nights in a house by the river - there is accommodation in single and double rooms.
Introductory guide to the fishing waters.
Instruction in fly casting and practical fishing on request.

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We always recommend a conversation before booking a trip. Contact us on +4526275321