Terms and conditions for travel


The conditions regulate the contractual relationship between Atlantic Salmon Fly fishing (hereinafter the tour operator) and travelers (hereinafter the traveler) who purchase a package tour. The agreement is entered into and implemented in accordance with the Package Travel Act (Act no. 1666 of 26/12/2017 on package tours and composite travel arrangements).


1.1. The conclusion

An agreement for the purchase of a package tour between the traveler and the tour operator is concluded and binding for both parties when the offer is accepted by the traveler. It is a prerequisite that the travel services that will together constitute a package tour are purchased at the same time. The travel organizer sends a written offer to the traveler. The traveler accepts the offer in writing before the deadline specified in the offer. If the traveler does not accept the offer before this deadline, the tour operator is no longer bound by the offer.

The traveler accepts the tour operator's offer by telephone. The tour operator informs the traveler - before the traveler accepts - of the relevant terms of the agreement, as well as where the traveler can find these general terms and conditions.

1.2. Travel documents

Sending of travel documents and other correspondence between the traveler and the tour operator, including but not limited to changes in the package tour, takes place at the postal address, e-mail address or other form of contact that the traveler has used in connection with the conclusion of the agreement. The traveler is also obliged to provide the contact information necessary for the tour operator to contact the traveler both before and during the trip. If the traveler does not receive the travel documents within 2 days, the traveler must contact the tour operator immediately. If the traveler has provided an e-mail address, the traveler must first check the spam filter. Upon receipt, the traveler is obliged to review the forwarded travel documents and "practical information" (see section 4.3.) and immediately respond to the tour operator if the information is not in accordance with what was agreed.


2.1. Price

When booking the trip, a deposit corresponding to 50% of the trip price is charged. The remaining amount is charged no later than 2 months before departure. Deposits and balance payments are non-refundable. In some cases, balance payments will be due more than 2 months before departure. This is because the tour operator settles local operators for fishing rights in e.g. Norway before the start of the season. The price of the trip is a so-called "package price", which primarily covers the costs of the fishing water and accommodation. Other costs for transport, catering etc. are NOT covered.

At the destinations, local fees may be charged (e.g. fishing license, disinfection of equipment, etc.), which are not covered. The total price of the trip appears on the traveler's invoice. If there are changes to the specific trip or to the prerequisites for this, this could result in the price changing and additional payment could be charged.

2.2. Payment

If the traveler defaults on his part of the agreement in terms of payment, the tour operator has the right to cancel the agreement. In such cases, the tour operator has the right to payment of the amount that the traveler would lose according to the rules in section 6.2., if he canceled the trip on the day of the non-payment.


If the traveler wishes to take out cancellation insurance or travel insurance, the traveler himself is responsible for taking out these.


4.1. Passport, visa and health formalities (including vaccinations)

The traveler is responsible for being in possession of a valid passport with a minimum validity of six months at the end of the journey, as well as the documents necessary for the completion of the journey, including visas and proof of required vaccinations. If there are any questions about this, the traveler can contact the tour operator.

4.2. People with reduced mobility

The trips offered by the tour operator cannot be carried out for the traveler if he is mobility impaired, e.g. wheelchair etc.

4.3. Names on travel documents

The traveler is responsible for ensuring that the names that appear on his travel documents and bookings are identical to the full name that appears on the traveler's passport. If the traveler becomes aware of inconsistencies between travel documents and passports, the traveler must immediately notify the tour operator, who will try to correct the error. If the discrepancy is due to the traveller's circumstances, costs associated with this will be borne by the traveller. If changes are not possible, the traveler cannot hold the tour operator responsible.

4.4. Timely attendance

In cases where the traveler cannot arrive in time for the ordered travel service, the traveler must contact the travel organizer and inform them of the later arrival. The traveler is responsible for all transport, which is why tour operators cannot be held responsible for this. The traveler cannot therefore cancel or have payment refunded based on late arrival.

4.5. Regulations

The traveler must comply with the regulations/rules that apply to all subcontractors of the package tour, including rules related to house in which to spend the night, rules at the fishing water etc.

The traveler must behave in such a way that fellow travelers do not feel inconvenienced. In gross or repeated cases, inappropriate behavior can lead to the travel organizer or its representatives rejecting the traveler from further participation in the package tour. In the event of expulsion, the traveler is not entitled to receive any form of reimbursement of the price of the package tour.

The tour operator is not responsible for the exercise of public authority, including but not limited to intervention/action against the traveler in connection with the traveler's inappropriate behavior, failure to comply with applicable rules, etc. In such situations, the traveler is himself responsible for the expenses incurred by the traveler possibly will be incurred, just as the traveler cannot assert a claim against the tour operator and will also not be entitled to a refund of the price of the package tour. If the rules for fishing are changed by the authorities in the travel country in question, there will be no refund

of the journey. This may mean the closure of fishing in rivers due to fluctuations in water level - particularly at low water levels, the authorities may assess that fishing cannot be carried out in a responsible manner in the watercourse in question.


If the traveler does not comply with the requirements for passports, visas, health formalities, other required documents, the indication of the correct name on the travel documents and their review, the rules on punctual attendance and the rules of order, the traveler cannot assert claims either against the tour operator, the intermediary or the sub-supplier for the package tour for the consequences, deficiencies, inconveniences or losses caused by the failure to comply with the traveller's general duties.


5.1. Transfer of the package tour

The traveler can transfer the trip to another person for a fee of DKK 1,000, as well as any costs that the tour operator may be charged by the package tour's subcontractors as a result of the transfer. Notification of transfer must be given to the tour operator no later than 7 days before the start of the trip. Notification after this time means that the traveler loses the right to transfer the package tour.

Transfer can only take place if the person to whom the package tour is transferred meets the necessary conditions and requirements for the completion of the trip, including passports, visas and health requirements, stated by the tour operator when concluding the agreement.

Access to transferring the package tour can be partially or fully restricted by the tour operator, if the transfer is not possible due to the subcontractor's terms. The transferor of the package tour and the person to whom the package tour has been transferred are jointly and severally liable for payment of any outstanding amounts and costs as a result of the transfer.

Atlantic Salmon Fly fishing organizes Rejser with an intermediary agreement with Unitas Rejser A/S with reg. No. 0128 in the Travel Guarantee Fund.