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Fishing trip - Orkla - week 23 - Bruhølen and Steinshølen

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June fishing for the really big shiny salmon!

Week 23. 4 -10 June - 6 rods in total.

Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing has got a unique opportunity to offer very early June fishing on one of Orkla's very best beats – Bruhølen near Vormstad.

Every year, Bruhølen offers fantastic fishing for the first big June salmon and at the same time you stay in one of the river's finest lodges - right by the river! This is a rarely offered opportunity and we only have a very limited number of places.

We also include a casting session with Trond Syrstad, who is one of the most skilled salmon fly fishermen and casters in Scandinavia.

The month of June is a premiere and holiday for salmon fishermen. The Orkla has always been an absolute favorite river when it comes to the exciting and challenging fishing for the first and largest salmon.

The fishing water

We fish in rotation on 2 beats – Bruhølen and Steinshølen, where you have optimal chances of meeting large salmon at this time of the season.

Bruhølen is a legendary fishing ground where a large part of the Orkla salmon stops for a shorter or longer time on its way up the river. The stretch is extremely productive and in 2022 we experienced fantastic fishing with several shiny 8-10 kilo salmon in our June week.

Bruhølen also offers a huge open gapahug, large outdoor grill and fire pit. A fantastic place for dining in the open air, right by the river.

Steinshølen is located at Drogsetmoen a little further up the river system. The salmon have their rest in several different interesting places depending on the water level.

The river and the salmon 

For many seasons, Orkla has been among the best salmon rivers in Norway. In the lower part, where we fish, the river is relatively wide. We recommend two handed fly rods 12 – 15 feet with a good selection of lines in different densities. Early in the season we often have great success with relatively large and loaded flies, but a small sunray is now also always a good choice.

All salmon fly fishermen are welcome - regardless of whether you are a beginner or have experience in salmon fishing. If you need instruction, that will also be possible. There will be an introductory guide to the fishing grounds on the first day. During the week, there will also be advice on fishing strategy and tactics depending on the conditions on the river. Focus on the fishing grounds - you learn how to read the fishing water.

What is included in the tour?

  • 6 days of fishing on Bruhølen and Steinshølen in a 2/4 man rotation.
  • Accommodation in a single room.
  • Introductory guide to the fishing waters.
  • Throwing demo with Trond Syrstad

What is not included in the tour?

The fishing trips we offer cover access to the fishing itself as well as accommodation, therefore there are conditions that you have to take care of yourself. It is important that you relate to this. We are happy to organize an information meeting, for example via teams, as it can be difficult to gather everyone on a team depending on where they live.

  • Transport to Norway ( The trip is a self-drive trip, which is why it is necessary to have a car or a seat in another car available).
  • Transport to and from the river in Norway.
  • Meals and drinks ( There is of course a kitchen in the house, where the food can be prepared and consumed).
  • Fishing equipment (clothing (waders etc.), fishing rods, fishing reels, flies and various additional accessories and equipment)
  • Travel insurance.

Rules that must always be observed:

Note: The rules for fishing in Orkla mean that there are quotas on how many salmon each individual fisherman can bring home. This means that "catch and realease" is an important part of fishing. The rules for the river are updated every season and it is the duty of every fisherman to thoroughly familiarize himself with the rules. Link: https://orklaguide.com/fiskeregler-2/

‍ Disinfection: Fishing gear must be disinfected before fishing begins. Disinfection can be carried out in several places in the immediate area and costs a fee that is paid on the spot. Link: http://orklaguide.com/desinfisering/

Salmon licence: Everyone who fishes salmon in Norway must be in possession of a state licence, which can be purchased via the following link: https://fiskeravgot.miljodirektoratet.no/

Technical Travel Organizer is Unitas Rejser no. 128 in the Rejsegarantifonden.

We reserve the right for printing errors.


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